Sustainable Palm Oil in Indonesia

I studied economics in Universitas Gadjah Mada. Every international economy class there is always a discussion about the palm oil production and its positive impact on the economy of Indonesia. At the same time I read the news about the oil palm companies are deforesting, slaughtering orangutans and other animal, as well as creating a conflict with local people who live around palm oil plantations.
How to encourage sustainable production of palm oil in Indonesia and continues to stimulate the economy, without any deforesting, animal slaughtered, and creating conflicts with local people? A tough question? Not really. Because the causes of the negative impacts of oil palm production is simple: laws and our government. Palm oil producers would not dare to open palm oil plantations in the region which is prohibited if the Indonesian government and the law firm forbids them. But it did not happen. Documentation Trans 7 highlights the trucks carrying the palm out of the Forest Protection Area in Kalimantan Tengah. In other words, they change the protected forest area for palm oil plantations. How could this happen? Because the law and the government let them or even give them permission.
So the sustainable palm oil will give more benefits to Indonesia if the government is able to act fairly and firmly to the palm oil business. If the government is not able to implement it, then it is we who should prosecute them to proceed. Remember, we live in a country with freedom of speech. It's our right to speak out our opinion, continue oversee the government and make the better Indonesia.