In Love With The Outer Space

Every night I search on Google and Youtube just to see the most beautiful art in the universe, it's the outer space.
Look how innocent the stars are. They were running around no where to go. But they made this beautiful colors and shape and I'm in love with it. What a great of art made by God. He must be over acting when he made it.
It makes me curious sometime. Is there any alien out there? What are they doing there? Do they write blog and ask God how do the alien looks like? But do they really exist? Or is it just us living in this big big universe? If so, it seems like an awful waste of space. I believe there's an alien somewhere out there. I wish I can get the chance to meet them and share about how beautiful our universe is and how lucky we are finally can meet.
Ah God, you're such an artist. I love you more than I love the outer space anyway. ;)
PS: If you read this post and I'm already dead, don't worry, I'm sure I'm already in the outer space with my heart full of happiness.