I Don't Get It

*The girl on the picture is not her.

My friends told me about this girl. She's a liar, a bitch, a vegetarian-wannabe, and a stupid-girl-that-thinks-she's-smart. That's what people said about her to me. Alot of people hate her, and I don't. Why should I hate her if she did nothing to me?

But then she did something, and I think it means I HAVE TO HATE HER TOO. Oh well. She's the one who gave me that offer.

What a joke! Last nite when I was online on my Yahoo Messenger, someone who hates her told me about how pathetic her english is. She tried to write in english in her web profile, but it turn out PATHETIC. It's not a big problem if we cannot talk or write in english properly. It's not our language anyway. But should you be arrogant writting in english but in the end it turn out PATHETIC?

She said,

" I dont do "bestfriend" stuff..coz i never can deal wif that "cross my heart hopes to die i will always b there for u" stuff.coz i know no one can do that thing to me. hahaaa!~ (esp for the grrl,uh i really do NOT INTEREST in having a group of brainless grrl friend). "

Now, who's the one who got no brain?