Geert Wilders.

I'm sure you guys already watch FITNA, a 2008 short film by Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders. This 15 minutes movie is about how worried Wilders is if Islam is getting stronger. He describe how Islam is full of sarcasm, full of killing, terorist, etc. He described it like he knows what Islam is, just because he read Al Quran.

I'm sure you guys already watch the news, how Indonesian Muslims are mad to Wilders and do such a brutal thing: burning the Netherland's flag.

If I can write a letter to anybody, I'll write it to Geert Wilders and all Muslims in this whole world.

Dear Geert Wilders,
Al Quran is not that easy to understand. We have to read it from first to last. Not just read one paragraf or two then make a conclusion. It's not that simple. Al Quran is a very sophisicated religion. It is hard but it is beautiful. No body can understand this if they doesn't know anything about Islam. What you have made is a hate. You want to make a war that the world doesn't need it.

And to all muslims,
This is not a big deal. It's just a movie. We all know that our religion is not that bad. So why should we angry about it? Just take it easy and show the world that we're not like the movie. We love peace and we respect other religion. If we go down to the street do demonstration, burn Netherland's flag, use bad words to mock Geert, and go brutal, it will make other religion really think that we are as bad as the movie, even we know we're not.