Are We Really Awake?

too weak to wake-up.

I felt disappointed by the news on every media in this country.

Too much information about the accident that killed an actor, Sophan Sophian, but less information about our two national heroes, Ali Sadikin and S.K Trimurti, who just passed away 2 days ago. Sophan Sophian is a good man (like what I heard on tv), but compared with what did Ali Sadikin and S.K Trimurti have done, Sophan Sophian is nothing. So why these media keep showing how sorry they are to lose an actor (who once ever be a member in DPR) and forgeting about the real national heroes?

Is this what we call "Kebangkitan Bangsa"? Are we really awake? Or we are too weak for that?

I think from now on, I should call this country Ironic.

Well welcome to Ironic, people. Please enjoy the tiresome.