You Exist Only in What You Do

I found an article about a girl showing off her Ferrari, Porsche, and other fancy cars to the media. People care about how could she afford it. I care about, is this how our society value other people?

I remember when I was in Brooklyn New York last year, I found an interesting quote, "You exist only in what you do." I couldn't agree more. This is how we should value ourselves and others.

Like you exist because you are a good house wife, because you love your children unconditionally, because you just rescue a stray kitten, because you are an inspiring teacher, because you got good grades at school, because you just won a race, because you are a hard worker underwriter, because you are a fearless journalist, because you are a creative fashion blogger, because you are a passionate entrepreneur, or simply because you can make someone smile in a million different ways. 

Those are my bestfriends. And I am proud of them because they exist in what they do!