Welcoming 2018


Last night I met two loving brothers in Ubud Bali. One survived from two Cancers and one survived from mental illness. They have been suffering and struggling alot but they have one another, supporting and admiring each other, and gave me the things I needed the most.

I feel so rich because of them. Rich in knowledge, adventure, laughter, and love. I hope I can meet more people as thoughtful and as loving as them. They are one of my favorite people I met in 2017.

Then I remember, a year ago posted this on my Facebook.


I wanted to meet and make new friends with more genuine people in 2017. It was my new years resolution. And I did.

I met new amazing people that I can trust and make good friends with. We shared our struggle and celebrate our achivements without any fear or feeling ashamed. The universe have granted my wish. Words can't really express how much it made my heart glow.

So today I decided my new years resolution for 2018 is making the genuine people's life happier because of me. Happy new year!