That Day When I Bullied Someone

When I was still in kindergarten, one of my best friend is the daughter of the school janitor. She and her family lived in the school and the school was close to my house. We were not just school mates but also good neighbors.

One day I was playing with her at my house. I am not sure what happened before but I shouted at her, “you are poor!” My grandma who was there sitting next to me were very shocked. She immediately took me and my friend to my friend’s house and met her family. Grandma asked for apology to them and explained how worried she was if I ever said things like that to them when she's is not around me. She also explained that this is not how she raised me and that is why she asked me to apologies to them one by one. Then we walked home.

On our way home, she held my hand and slowly told me that she wants me to be a person who treat people with respect, care, and kindness no matter what their background are. Oh Grandma, I will never forget that. It is a powerful lesson for me as a young kid and gave a huge impact in my adult life.

I just want to let the world knows that I have a wonderful grandmother and I love her so much.