Texas and I Can't Drive Part 2

Firstable, I still cannot drive. Haha!

Well blame the virus that make me sick and can't do anything. I even can't attend on my final exam. Yeah yeah... Don't be surprise.

But thank God, my mom can forgives me so that she still giving me an offer to drive me anywhere. Ouwh... Thanks Mom!

Btw, because of this shitty virus, all my life in this couple of days are boring. Thanks to the technology, I can meet people from around the world even I'm lying on my bed and just do typing.

So I met this boy name Andy who lives in Houston, Texas. He said that he doesn't have any pride on USA, but he's proud of Texas. He said, Texas is perfect. Everything is cheap there. The land, the ciggarates, etc. You have to spend US$ 400,000 for a land in California, but in Texas, the land will only cost you about US$ 150,000. In other states, a pack of ciggarates are about US$8 but in Texas it will only cost you US$5. Wow! Then he said if I want to move to the United State, I should live in Texas. Hmmm... Good stuff to know eh?

But then a few minutes later, I met my old friend name Glen who lives in Floyd, Iowa. I don't know why we were talking about his cousin who lives in Denton, Texas, but then the conversation leads us talking about Texas. And what a surprise. Glen said that his cousin doesn't have any computer because somebody stole it. He said, many burglar in Texas. We have to be careful. WHAT? A few minutes ago somebody told me that Texas is perfect, but then a few minutes later somebody else told me that Texas is a state of criminals? Ah that's confusing!

I should go to bed or I can be more sick!