Nina's Birthday

2 days ago (23rd October 2007) was Nina's 19th birthday. 2 days before that (21st October 2007), I was in the middle in trying to go to sleep, when I just realized, I should give her something memorable. So I got this idea, making a birthday cake for her. Birthday cake that looks like a home-made-cake with a messy messy look. I also got this idea, making a book that called "19 Things About Nina" and buy a pretty dress for her gift. But everything aren't went well. I lost my cellphone in the supermarket when I bought the cake's ingredient (eventho I found it then, this experience was shocking me!). I dont have any time to make the "19 Things About Nina" book (damn!). Me and my brother, Mas Herman (who is an expert in cooking) forgot the cake's receipe. Is it 500gr or 100gr of flour? Ah what a pathetic. And the worse thing is, I dont have any money to buy the pretty dress for Nina. :(

So when I finished making the cake at 02.00 AM in the morning, and try to go to sleep, I felt very sad. I cannot finished all of my plan, the book and the dress. I only made her a birthday cake, which is very simple. So my mom told me, I dont have to give her all the surprises in 1 day. I could give her the bday cake in her bday, then give her the book in the next day, and also the next day for the dress. It means that, I can surprise her in 3 days. GOOD IDEA MOM! THANKS!

After I kiss my mom, and go to sleep, I realized, if I do something special in someone birthday, it means that someone is a special person in my life. My Mom, My Brother, and My Ex-bf, are the persons who always get surprises from me in their birthday. That means, Nina is a special person for my life. She's the one who always cheers me up, always reminds me my schedule, always teach me many things, always drive me home, always bought me delicious foods, she's my bestfriend I ever had.

Happy Birthday Nina :)
Wait my other surprises.