She looks like my grandma.

I hate it when some people think they are wise if they said, "MONEY IS NOTHING. LOVE IS EVERYTHING"

Well doh. That's naive.

Money is not that disgusting to have tho. For me:

hard work = success = earn a lot of respect = earn a lot of money

So why wont we admit that money is everything? In this life, what we need is doing lots of positive things which we can get it with a hard work. To give respect for the positive things we've done is by giving money in return. You wont like it if they give you a kiss for what have you done right? Well if the person who kiss us is a goodlooking one, that's fine. But what if they look like a pig? NO WAY! I wont let my bones working hard just for kissing a pig. This will stop everybody to work hard.

Different with love. Love is irrational. Love is emotion. Love has nothing to do with logic. That's is why love is dangerous. Love looks sweet on surface but it can ruin our life just like that.

So if you ask me, "What is more important, is it money or love?"
My answer is, "100% money"
If you ever love somebody, you know why.