*Elton John is gay but he only has one husband to love. Lets clap!

Couple days ago, one of my friend confessed to me that he's a gay. Thank you very much for your trust. I will always try my best to make you proud of yourself. :)

Then I thought about this. Why should we be ashame if we're gay? Being gay is OKAY. The feeling in loving the same sex is just fine! It is from our God anyway. Its not a sin. Don't even care about it is normal or not. Loving or sex is not about that, but it's about how we do it.

I believe I'm normal if I'm gay, but I believe I'm not normal if I'm not gay but I did sex with many guys. What I mean here is, if you are gay, but you only did sex with one person you love, then I guess that is normal. Meanwhile, if you aren't gay, but you did sex with many guys/girls, then I guess you are just the same as a dog. You aren't normal.

So please, try not to judge people if you don't know anything about them. No one is better than others. We are just the same. And I think someone's sin is not our business to talk about. It is God's business.

Okay then, lets start to proud of ourself! Yihaaaw!