Poems By Me


She was there right away,
when I needed her help that day
She hugged me even she's far away
Hold me like she's trying to say: you'll be okay

So I cried so hard when we ended our call
Not because I started to fall,
or because I'm alone at all
But it's just because of her call

Oh God, Am I the foolish ever?
She's a gift, but I knew it later
Now my life is never better
Cuz I've realized: I got her!

Dedicated for my best-friend-forever on that day:
Nina, Friday 10th November 2006

When We Met

Rain falls, little tiger, and the catlover boy :)

I remember when we met
The weather was so wet
And you were carrying a cat
With a black spot on his head

You were so cute with that sweather
Holding the little "tiger"
Then I knew you are a catlover
That can be mine forever

I wrote this when I was in Junior High School (SLTP N 5 Yogyakarta, 2002). My English teacher, Bu Rini, gave this homework to make a poem to celebrate Valentine's Day. So I wrote this, and dreamt that it would be true. 1 year later, I met that "catlover boy" just like in my poem. Every single word in my poem came true! Amazing right? :)