Boys and Girls Big Questions

Big question from most guy in my country: why ugly guy get pretty girl? They discuss about this seriously. They even publish their thoughts on Kaskus. Oh mannnn, do this thing really bother you all? Uglier guy than you get pretty girl and you're not?

Okay, let me answer this big question from you guys: don't be over confidence but be confidence.

1st. You guys are over confidence by saying that other guy are ugly and you deserve the pretty girl better. Please! Did you forget that we need your brain and your sense of humor more than how you look?

2nd. Beside over confidence, you guys aren't confidence enough. If you are confidence with your self, right now you got a lot of girls are waiting for your attention. Being a man with confidence is such a magnet for pretty girls. Need some example? I'll give you. Confidence means never worry to look stupid. Confidence means you say what you want to say. Confidence means never judge others. Confidence means you can solve your problem by your self. Confidence means no one knows what make you sad. Confidence means you are comfortable with what you are wearing. Confidence means never need to think twice to help others. Confidence means enjoy being your self.

Did that already? Good.

Now it's my turn to ask you my big big question: why stupid girl get smart guy?
Answer it, anyone?