Batman: The Dark Knight

Joker's movie.

I never watch such a crazy movie like this. I cannot think of anything else except concentrating in watching it. Too much interesting plot I cannot ignore. I even can forget that I got too many problems! This is what I call a brillian movie. A movie that makes us forget: we are only watching a movie. How can these film makers get the idea? They are too damn genius!

The thing is... I think this is not a movie about Batman. This is a movie about Joker. Joker is the superstar. Like what my brother have said, "almost every plot of Joker cannot be missed". Spectacular act from Heath Ledger. I believe that Christopher Nolan plan to put Joker in his next Batman movie after The Dark Night, and I believe he wants Heath Ledger to be the Joker again. Unfortunately, Heath's gone now for a drug overdose. :(

I can't imagine who can replace Heath Ledger for his Joker act. I think no one can.