Annoying Comment

It was their fine neighbourhood.

I'm sad. I felt disappointed, unfair, and angry. Totally angry.

Did you know that the Lapindo victims haven't get their rights of their property and their life after these 2 years accident? Yes until NOW, they live like animals: no house, no enough facilities, no dream. So do you think it is annoying if the victims are angry asking for their life back? ABSOLUTELY NOT. So why this guy name Yogie wrote a comment in this blog, saying that the victims shouldn't be a beggar by begging too much and better go transmigrate to Irian Jaya. GOSH!!! It doesn't make any sense! This is the most cruel, foolish, and insensitive comment I ever read. I'm so angry when I read it. His comment tells me that he even doesn't think when he wrote it. What if the victims read it? It will break their heart. They need support not just useless argument.

Well, these are for him. Maybe these will help him to think:

1st. Transmigration NEED money. Transmigration to Irian Jaya NEED A LOT of money. But who's money? The victims already lost their money and properties. So where in the heck did you get that idea?

2nd. They are asking for their life that they have before the accident. That is their RIGHTS. Can you imagine how it feels like if you own a house, then somebody stole it, but no one can help you to get it back? Even no one cares about it! Can you imagine how it feels like? It feels UNFAIR. So don't blame the victims by telling them to stop fighting for their rights!

3rd. Aburizal Bakrie, who is responsible for the accident, is the #1 most rich man in South East Asia. It is so unfair if he lives like in paradise, while his victims live like in hell. Unfair. So do you still think, it is wrong if the victim kept begging their rights? Don't judge the victim are beggar, because they aren't. They did not beg for money, they beg for their stolen life.

4th. Please use your brain before you wrote something. What you wrote is what people think about you. And I think you are such a smart-ass, I mean, SOK TAU.

For Lapindo victims:
Please ignore such an insensitive people like him.